What Are Home Inspections?

What are Home Inspections?

When you purchase a home, you go through many processes. Inspections will be one of the many things you will have to go through. Today we sit down with Scott Perry, the owner of Genisys Inspections LLC. To discuss what a home inspection is and what it entails.

An overview of what inspections are

A home inspection is an overview of the overall condition of the house, not an in-depth examination. Inspectors like Scott Perry, over at Genisys Inspections, will go around checking the functionalities of the house, like running the faucets, checking the electrical plugs, the foundation, roof, and the HVAC. The inspector's job is to make sure the place is in a livable condition. If the inspector suspects something needs to be further looked into, that's when he/she will recommend you to hire a specialist.

When to Hire a specialist

If the inspector suspects that something needs to be further into, they will recommend hiring a specialist. Again inspectors are not specialists. Their job is to make sure the house is in a livable working place.

So, for example, if the HVAC system is blowing the minimum cold temperature that's recommended, Scott will issue a recommendation to hire a specialist.

When does the process take place?

Immediately the moment you go under contract. Depending on how your agent wrote the contract, you will have a certain number of days to do inspections. Every Rose Rock agent is trained to give our clients 18 days to do inspections. If inspections aren't done before the 18 days are up, you will be forced to purchase the home as-is.

This is why we highly recommend to any of our buyers to schedule inspections as soon as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (405) 692 0663 or visit us at our office, We are located in the heart of Moore, Oklahoma, 121 W Main Street.

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